The Seventh Day Dragons are a fierce and loyal clan. They are quite gregarious and often gather in small groups to discuss philosophy, theology, science, art, magic, etc. They are very great intellectuals. They are by nature very combative and stubborn, they are ruthless in every way. Posessed of dry senses of humor and a flair for facts, when presented with something they know as a misinformation, they would be quick to correct the source. These dragons acknowledged and utilized all types of magic: psy, elemental, and more conventional magic, which they referred to as ‘High magic’. ¬†Humans re-encarnated from these dragons are usually very intellectual and are great thinkers. They will often teach their fellow humans, even if they are not professional teachers. They usually have minor talents in most or all of the psy skills, occasionally they have major talents, but usually in a few selected abilities, like empathy, or clairvoyance. They are often very heavily into spirituality and religon. Dragons of this clan are usually dark in colour, very often metallic, or pearled. Sometimes they are crystalline, but this is rare. These dragons are quite often mottles of metallics or wholly metallic. They were the second smallest of the dragons, but now run the entire size range.